Fine early 19th century repeating pocket watch in gold case, by Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Stock No. 1381
Abraham-Louis Breguet, Paris, 1806
Gold case, 53 mm.
Ruby cylinder movement, quarter dumb repeating


A fine ruby cylinder escapement, repeating pocket watch, in gold a case, by Abraham-Louis Breguet. Complete with certificate of authenticity produced by Breguet. All in very good condition.

MOVEMENT : Quarter repeating, by two polished steel hammers repeating a toc (dumb repeating).
With a ruby cylinder escapement, three arm plain balance with parachute suspension, spiral steel spring with regulator and bi-metallic compensation curb.

In good condition, running and repeating correctly.

DIAL : White enamel, with secret signature below 12, and signed BREGUET ET FILS at 6.
No hairlines, and just some small and light scratches, mainly on the edge at 6 and 10.

Blued steel Breguet hands.
Some loss of the blueing on the hour hand.

CASE : Gold, with French gold marks, and serial no. 1733.
Usual light surface scratches, but no repairs or dents. The hinges and crystal are fine, and the signed gilt cuvette and bezel snap shut correctly.

Gilt Breguet type key included.

Abraham-Louis Breguet was born in Neuchatel in Switzerland, in 1747 and moved to Paris in 1768. He died in 1823. He was by far the finest watchmaker of his time, an innovator and inventor as well as the maker of fine and beautiful watches.
This watch exhibits many of his inventions, including the parachute suspension and ruby cylinder escapement (the cylinder itself is composed of a half tube formed ruby).

Breguet’s work was copied and faked probably more than any other watchmaker of the period.. This watch is accompanied with a Breguet certificate (No. 3146), provided in 1967, which describes Watch No. 1733 fully. It shows the original buyer and price.

Mr. Quesneau, on 2nd July 1806, 1320 francs

A virtually identical watch is illustrated in George Daniels ‘The Art of Breguet’ (p.195).
This is Serial No. 1407, 3rd series, sold 1802. the only significant difference is that with No. 1733 the repeating piston is within the stem and accessed by turning and lifting the button on the top of the stem. With No. 1407 the stem itself simply forms the piston.