Verge Pocket Watch by Sudlow

Stock No. 1377
Benjamin Sudlow,  Yarmouth (Norfolk), 1766
Silver pair cases, 59.5 mm.
Verge movement


An early provincial English verge with local watchpaper, in silver pair cases.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with beautifully engraved and pierced balance cock featuring a large bird. Four square pillars. Signed “Benj. Sudlow, Yarmouth” and numbered “969”.
Working and in good condition, though the screws are mismatched.

DIAL : A fine white enamel dial, in good condition, with just 2 short scratches on the edge at 9 and 12. Good steel 18th century beetle and poker hands.

INNER CASE : Silver, with London hallmarks for 1766, maker’s mark RP.
The stem is a little worn, and has been reattached, and there are some small dents to the inner rim, but generally in nice condition.

The high dome crystal is good, with just some light scratches.

OUTER CASE : Silver pair case, with matching hallmarks to the inner.

Heavy gauge silver, in good condition. The catch and hinge are fine and the silver just has a few small bruises to the back.

The outer case includes a watchpaper from Yoxford, which is near Great Yarmouth, and a hand written paper dated 1770 (unfortunately the name is indecipherable).

Benjamin Sudlow, born about 1715, and is listed in Great Yarmouth from 1763. He died in 1787.