Gold Enamel Verge by Colomby

Stock No. 1357
Abraham Colomby,  Geneva, c1760
Gold & enamel pair cases, 41 mm.
Verge escapement


A fine gold Swiss verge watch, in beautiful gold and enamel pair cases.

MOVEMENT : Gilded verge movement, signed (Abraham Colomby) and numbered (3885). Pierced and engraved balance cock with ruby endstone, and large silver regulator disk. Four square pillars.

The movement is in good condition, and is running well.  However there is a break to the slide plate (hidden by the balance cock), though the broken piece is screwed down firmly.

DIAL : Fine, signed, white enamel dial , in almost perfect condition with just a tiny chip at the opening catch and a couple of small scratches. No repairs. Fancy silver hands.

INNER CASE : Yellow gold with Swiss gold marks stamped on the bow and stem.

Good condition with just some very light bruises and some wear to the top of the stem. The hinge is fine and the case snaps shut nicely. The high dome crystal has numerous small chips, but only around the edge.

OUTER CASE : Multicoloured gold (mostly rose) with a gem set bezel. The back has a fine enamel portrait set in a wonderfully decorated multicoloured gold surround. The portrait surround and catch button are gem set. The inside of the case is stamped with the movement number (3885)

In excellent condition throughout with just 2 small gems missing from the bezel. The hinges is fine and the case snaps shut nicely.

The very sentimental subject of the portrait is probably a ‘memento mori’ which is a reflection on mortality, possible in this case as a remembrance of a child’s death.

Abraham Colomby was a Swiss maker and retailer who came from a famous watchmaking family in Geneva. He was born in 1702 as son of watchmaker Jean Pierre Collomb (1659-1738) and Jeanne Mussard (1657-1726), the daughter of master goldsmith Jean le Jeune Mussard. He died in Geneva in 1776.