Stock No. : 1280

Le Roy & Fils
Paris, c1830
Silver & gilt case
Verge quarter repeating movement


This is an impressive and fine quality, quarter repeating verge, in an unusual silver and gilt case.

MOVEMENT : Matt gilded verge movement with engraved balance bridge and large silver regulator disk.

The hour/quarter repeating function is activated by pushing down the stem. This may be disabled by a slide on the case band at 11. The repeater strikes on two steel gongs, with one strike for the hours and a double strike for the quarters. The movement is in good original condition and both watch and repeating functions are working well.

DIAL : White enamel dial. In good condition with just a small repair on the edge at 6, and short cracks on the edge at 3 and 9.

Gold coloured, Breguet style hands.

CASE : A fine silver case, with gilt bow and bezels, a milled band, engine turned decoration to the back. The inner gilt cuvette is engraved :

N. 11024



French silver mark (used for 1819-1838) to the stem and inside of the back, with case number 7229 (also stamped on the dial plate) and maker’s mark ADC.

All in good condition, with very little wear. The high dome crystal and all of the hinges and catches are fine.

Leroy & Fils were at Palais Royal, Paris from the 1830s.