Stock No. : 1279

J.  Golling
Germany, c1750
Gilt & agate case, 47 mm.
Verge skeleton movement


A mid 18th century German verge, with a skeleton movement and a wonderful banded agate case.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge skeleton movement, beautifully engraved and pierced throughout.Four square pillars, cut out steel mainspring barrel cap and balance bridge with diamond endstone.

Signed (J. Golling) on the pillar plate. Good condition and running, though stops occasionally.

DIAL : Nice typical mid 18thc European white enamel dial in excellent condition, with no repairs and only very light scratches. Original to the movement. Matching brass Breguet style hands.

The dial is attached directly to the movement plate by 3 dial feet, one of which has the end broken off, but the other 2 hold the dial firmly.

CASE : Gilt, with banded agate bezel and back. The gilt metal is in very good condition, with just one small piece broken away on the bezel near the catch. The catch itself and hinge are fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly.The high dome crystal is also fine.

The agate is complete with no pieces missing. There are 2 cracks across the bezel at 1 and 2.

On the back there are a couple of light cracks running across the case and a few shorter ones but the back is solid with nothing loose or out of place.

Two watchmakers called Johann Golling are recorded in Augsburg, Germany in the mid 18th century.