Stock No. : 1227

Switzerland, c1800
Gilt, half hunter case, 64 mm.
Verge, quarter repeating  movement


This is a very unusual quarter repeating verge, in a large heavy and very ornate gilt case. Probably Swiss and possibly made for the Turkish market.

MOVEMENT : Unsigned and heavily engraved verge movement, with small engraved balance cock with a large ruby endstone. All in good original condition, running well and repeating correctly. The repeat, activated by depressing the button within the stem, strikes singles for the hours, and doubles for the quarters, on a steel bell.

DIAL : The white enamel dial is damaged, with filled repairs on the edge between 12 and 2, and at 7, a chip on the edge at 5, hairlines at 11 and a couple of scratches. Matching copper coloured hands.

CASE : The heavy and substantial half hunter style case is very unusual. The band is facetted, with buttons at both sides of the band to open the back or front cover. The back cover opens to reveal a nicely engraved and pierced inner cover (with the bell behind). The front cover has a half hunter style silvered chapter ring. The bow and stem are very substantial, with the repeat button positioned within the bow. The case is heavily engraved with military motifs (two soldiers, drums, cannon and flags). The inside is stamped with a maker’s name “N. NISTLER”. The crystal and hinges are all fine and both covers and bezel snap shut correctly (though the back cover gapes a little). The movement catch, which should clip the movement into the case at 5 is missing, though the movement is held firmly in the case by the bezel.

Nistler is almost certainly the case maker. The movement appears to be Swiss, or possibly French, from around 1800. The costume of the engraved soldiers and banner at the top of the front case might indicate that the watch was made for the Ottoman market.