Stock No. : 1225

Le Roy
Paris, c1720
Silver repousse pair cases
Verge movement


An early Paris silver repousse cased verge, with contemporary silver chain and key, all in fine original condition.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with a large, engraved and nicely pierced balance bridge. Applied silver scrolls to the regulator plate. Signed ‘Le Roy A Paris’.

In fine original condition and running well.

DIAL : Signed silver champleve dial. In good condition, with just a couple of bruises on the edge at 10 and 2. Gilt hands, which appears to be original.

CASE : Silver repousse, engraved with scrolls around the bezel, portraits to the edge and a classical scene to the centre (Judgement of Paris). The stem is original. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely. There is wear to the repousse work especially to the centre of the back and the top edge of the bezel. The repousse decoration is cast rather than stamped so is of quite a heavy gauge with no holes worn through,

Very high dome crystal, with fine scratches but no chips (could be original).

The silver chain is about 20 cms. long (including rings at either end). The silver key is also in good condition and functional. The chain and key are contemporary with the watch, so may have always been with it.

This watch could possible be by Pierre Le Roy (Paris, early 18th century), who was the father of the more famous makers, Julien and Pierre (junior).