Stock No. : 1217

Adamson & Millenet
Paris, c1780
Gold & enamel case, 37 mm.
Cylinder, going barrel  movement


This is a fine little gold enamel watch, with wonderful ‘peacock’ decoration and a very unusual cylinder movement, all in exceptional condition.

MOVEMENT : Fine quality gilded cylinder movement, with going barrel (direct drive from the mainspring barrel rather than via a fusee). Signed ‘Adamson & Millenet, PARIS’, and numbered (53 8/9 4). Finely engraved balance bridge with ruby endstone. All in fine condition, and running well.

DIAL : The white enamel dial, with gold minute markers, is in perfect condition. Unusually, the dial maker’s name ‘Martin’ is fired into the enamel on the back. Beautiful matching gold hands, probably original.

CASE : The wonderful gold case, with enamel decoration on the back (a style referred to as ‘peacock’ decoration) is in fine condition with no wear, damage or repairs. The very high dome crystal is also fine.

Gustav Adolf Adamson was a Swedish watchmaker, recorded in Paris from 1773, where he formed a partnership with Hippolyte Millenet between 1774 and 1782.