Stock No. : 1216

Markwick & Markham
London, 1803
Silver pair cases, 58 mm.
Verge movement


This is an English, silver pair cased pocket watch, with very unusual silver champleve Turkish dial and fully enclosed outer pair case.

MOVEMENT : Nicely gilded movement with very ornate pillars, silver regulator disk, and engraved and pierced balance cock. The movement is signed (Markwick Markham et Marko London) and numbered (4891). It is in good original condition and is running well.

DIAL : The signed silver champleve dial, with Turkish numerals, is in good condition.

SILVER INNER CASE : Full London hallmarks for 1803, maker WD. Also stamped with serial number 6891. The high dome crystal is fine and the silver is in good condition though with small dents around the rim of the bezel. The inge and catch are fine. The bow and pendant are also fine and appear to be original.

SILVER OUTER CASE : Very unusual domed case with matching hallmarks to the inner. The silver is in good condition. There is one break to a sleeve in the hinge, the catch button is worn and there are small bruises on the back. The catch itself is fine and the case snaps shut correctly. The enclosed case is probably a later adaption to a normal pair case, and although unusual, is not unique (see Archive page – Edward Prior, 1847).

Markwick and Markham were in partnership between 1751 and 1825, often in associated with other makers (eg.Perigal and Borrell).