Stock No. : 1197

George Graydon
Dublin, c1770
Gilt pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with particularly finely engraved and pierced balance cock, and blued screws. Signed (Geo. Graydon, Dublin) and numbered (502). Four square pillars. Complete and running. In good condition, though with a small piece of the rim of the balance cock table missing.

DIAL : Unusual white enamel dial, with dotted, curved pattern to the inner chapter ring. In reasonable condition, with some hairlines around the edge at 6, 10 and the majority around 8. But no repairs or chips. Fancy gilt hands.

INNER CASE : Gilt brass, in good condition with no dents. Some wear to the gilding around the band and to the pendant. The bow is a later replacement. The hinge and high dome crystal are fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely.

OUTER CASE : Gilt brass, engraved on the bezel and back. The hinge and catch are ok and the bezel snaps shut. The catch button has worn away, the gilding and engraving is worn, and there is damage (resulting in a hole) on the back near the hinge.

George Graydon is listed in Dublin from 1753.