Stock No. : 1165

Paris, c1780
Gold & enamel case
Verge movement


This is a late 18th century Paris verge, in a beautiful little gold and enamel case.

The movement requires work, but fortunately the case has survived in very good condition.

MOVEMENT : Verge movement , signed ‘L’Epine, Paris.

Complete except for the following :

Mainspring – absent, though the barrel and arbor are ok.

3rd wheel (loose) – missing steel arbor

Balance wheel (loose) – missing the staff

Regulator disk – the central steel square is detached (loose)

The plates are in good condition, with very few scratches and the gilding still bright.

The dial plate is stamped with the serial number 203.

DIAL : 31.75 mm. White enamel. Very good condition with just one tiny chip right on the edge at 1. Fine gem set hands, with all of the crystals still present.

CASE : 38 mm. Tri-coloured gold, with painted enamel plaque, and gem set bezel and catch button. Maker’s mark HF (crowned).

The case is in excellent condition throughout, with just one sign of an old repair where the top has been reattached to the stem. The enamel plaque is in perfect condition. And there are no crystals missing from the bezel.