Stock No. : 1149

J. Clifton
London, c1700
Silver case, 54 mm.
Champleve ‘name’ dial
Verge movement


This is a very rare and early example of a ‘name’ dial where the original owner’s name is used instead of the hours on the chapter ring. These were more common at the end of the 18th century on enamel dials.

MOVEMENT : Signed Jer. Cliffton, LONDON gilt brass verge movement, with four beautifully ornate crested pillars, wonderful engraved balance cock and plate, decorated with birds and serpents. Silver regulator disc. In complete and good condition. Running well, though a little fast (gaining about 5 minutes per hour). The calendar work is complete and also working correctly.

DIAL : Silver champleve dial, cast with owner’s name ‘Harry Humphrey’ in place of hour numerals, and a calendar aperture with under dial calendar ring . Fancy gilt hands (not original). This wonderful silver champleve dial is fine condition.

CASE : Maker’s mark TP. Reasonable condition throughout, with an old repair to the stem where it has been reattached to the case, a few light bruises on the back, and wear to the hinge. The catch and case button (replacement) are present though the button is a bit stiff and although the bezel isn’t tight, it is held closed by the catch. The bow is probably a mid 18th century replacement.