Stock No. : 1141

Samuel Ruel
Amsterdam, c1735
Silver case
Verge movement


A wonderful early Dutch, mock pendulum, verge movement, with calendar, original silver champleve dial and beautiful and unusual pillars. Recased in a heavy silver, very fine quality, bespoke consular case.

MOVEMENT : Signed (SAM:RUEL:ROTTERDAM) gilt brass verge movement. Serial number 267.

The signed balance cock table is beautifully engraved with a cherub, and cut out to reveal a mock pendulum bob, which is attached to the 2 spoke balance wheel.

The four pillars are highly ornate gilt, topped with silver and blued steel fluted capitals.

All in fine condition, with just one of the ornamental small blued steel rings missing on one of the pillars. Running well, including the calendar mechanism, which is complete.

DIAL : Silver champleve dial, signed and with calendar aperture. Nice steel beetle and poker hands (the hour is original 18th century but the minute is a later reproduction). The silver champleve dial is in fine condition, with just a little tarnishing to the matt surfaces (fortunately not over cleaned).

CASE : A later, very heavy, American silver case, on unusual construction The movement is held firmly in the case by a single pin, rather than hinged. The case is marked ‘BLAUER COIN’ and numbered 83821. 2 substantial gold hinges. High dome mineral crystal.

A few light scratches but in excellent overall condition.

This very heavy gauge silver case is unusual, and was certainly made specially to protect this beautiful movement.

Samuel Ruel, son of Daniel Pierre Ruel, was born in 1690 and died in 1782. The serial number dates this movement to about 1735.

The Blauer watch case company of Chicago was founded in 1883, and only existed until 1889, so this case was made during that short period.