Stock No. : 1105

James Walker
London, c1715
Silver repousse pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Signed (Jam. Walker) and numbered (400) gilt brass verge movement, with four wonderful crested pillars, beautifully engraved winged balance cock and plate, and large silver regulator disc. Excellent condition, complete and running.

DIAL : White enamel, in reasonable condition, with repairs around the centre hole and at the catch at 6. One very light hairline running from the centre towards 10.

INNER CASE : Silver, with rubbed maker’s mark. The stem has been reattached and the case strengthened around the neck. The hinge is worn but ok and the bezel snaps shut nicely, The high dome bull’s eye crystal is fine.

OUTER CASE : Silver cast repousse. Good condition with just wear to the high points of the repousse work, but no holes, or repairs. The catch button is dented, but the hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut correctly. The case is signed ‘Cochin’, just below the right hand main figure.

The dial, dial plate, hands and cases were probably added later in the 18th century. This movement would probably originally have had a silver champleve dial.

Daniel Cochin was a very well known and fine repousse worker, based in Geneva and later in Paris during the mid 18th century.