Stock No. : 1098

Thomas Mudge & William Dutton
London, c1770
Silver case
Cylinder movement


This is a fine cylinder movement watch, by the great Thomas Mudge, in partnership with William Dutton, made around 1770. It is in a later silver case, probably made especially for the movement.

MOVEMENT : Gilded cylinder movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock, and diamond endstone. Signed (Tho. Mudge W. Dutton London) and numbered (1056). The movement is protected by a signed removable gilt dustcap. It is all original, in good condition and is running well.

There is a little wear to the gilding of the dustcap, cause by rubbing against the case, but the movement fits the case perfectly now. There is also a small piece missing from the end of the steel ‘C’ clip on the dustcap, though the cap is held firmly.

DIAL : The later white enamel dial is in good condition but with a single light hairline running across the dial from 5 towards 11. This dial is probably of the same period as the case (ie. 1828).

CASE : Later silver consular case, hallmarked for London, 1828, maker EW. In good overall condition though the hinge is a little worn and there is one bump on the bezel at 2. However both covers do snap shut. The high dome bull’s eye crystal has a few light scratches but no chips.

This case and dial fit the movement perfectly and have probably been made specially for the movement.

William Dutton became partner to Thomas Mudge in around 1750 and took over the business from Mudge in 1771.