Stock No. : 1093

Brussels, 1780
Gold & enamel case
Cylinder movement


A beautiful, late 18th century, Belgian cylinder in a fine gold and enamel case. A wonderful watch but requires a new balance staff.

MOVEMENT : Gilt Lepine caliber cylinder movement. All in good condition except for the balance staff which is broken. So requires repair.

The cuvette is marked : Vandersteen A BRUXELLES.

DIAL : Signed white enamel dial in perfect condition. Beautiful ornate gilt hands. High dome crystal in fine condition.

CASE : A beautiful gold case, with a fine polychrome enamel panel on the back cover (Diana the huntress with bow and dogs). This is surrounded by a ring of tiny pearls , a blue guilloche starred enamel band, and a garland of green enamel.

The inside of the back cover bears a maker’s mark ?G (see photo).

The case is in wonderful condition. The hinges are fine and the front cover closes nicely and springs open when the button on the stem is pressed. There is slight damage to just one of the tiny pearls and a rub to the gilding on the cuvette, but otherwise fine.

This watch was previously in the collection of Adolphe Chapiro, horologer, watch historian and the writer of “La Montre Francaise” the definitive book on antique French watches.