Stock No. : 1091

Ferdinand Berthoud
Paris, c1780
Gold & enamel hunter case, 42.8 mm.
Verge movement


A beautiful, late 18th century, Paris verge in a fine gold and enamel hunter case.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance bridge, silver regulator disk and four round pillars. Signed ‘Fd. Berthoud, A Paris’. All in good condition and running well.

DIAL : Signed white enamel dial, in very good condition, with no hairlines or repairs. Beautiful matching ornate gilt hands.

CASE : A wonderful gold hunter case, with beautiful polychrome enamel panels on both back and front covers. Plain blue enamel to the inside of the back cover and blue with a floral centre to the inside of the front. The outer edges of the covers are decorated with green, blue and black enamel garlands. The front cover springs open when the pendant is depressed. The hinges and movement catch are both fine. Possibly old repairs to the stem and front cover hinge, but generally all in very good condition.

Ferdinand Berthoud was born in 1727, went to Paris in 1745 and died in 1807. This watch was previously in the collection of Adolphe Chapiro, horologer, watch historian and the writer of “La Montre Francaise” the definitive book on antique French watches.