Stock No. : 1089

Henry Harpur
London, 1690
Silver pair cases
Verge clockwatch movement


A wonderful late 17th century London clockwatch movement in later purpose made silver pair cases.

MOVEMENT : Beautiful quality signed verge clockwatch movement. Beautifully engraved and pierced balance cock and plates. Wonderful baluster shaped pillars. All in good original condition and running well.

Two winding arbors. One through the balance cost winds the fusee, the other winds the strike barrel. The hammer correctly strikes the hour on the bell (inner case).

DIAL : 46.5 mm, later white enamel dial, in good condition with just some chips around the edge, mainly at 10 & 3. Very fine gold hands.

INNER CASE : 53.25 mm. Heavy later silver in excellent condition. The hinge, catch and crystal are fine and the case closes correctly.

OUTER CASE : 59.5 mm. Large silver case, hallmarked for London, 1831, maker WF. Pierced in the centre of the back. In excellent condition. The hinge and catch are fine and the case closes correctly.

The dial and case are both early 19th century so were probably fitted to the movement at the same time. The movement is a perfect fit for the case, so the case was probably made specially for the movement.

Henry Harpur (London) was active between 1667 and 1690 and died in 1708. I believe this movement to be no later than 1690.