Stock No. : 1065

Johan Riel
Stadtamhof, Germany, c1780
Silver & horn pair cases
Verge quarter repeating movement


An interesting and substantial German repeating verge, in fine cases and polychrome dial. Needs a little work on the balance and more work/parts on the repeating mechanism. A nice project watch.

MOVEMENT : Gilded movement with square pillars, large silver regulator disk, and engraved and pierced balance bridge. The movement is fully signed.

The balance swings ok (staff ok), and the watch movement is complete, including the mainspring and fusee chain. However it doesn’t run so I think needs some adjustment to the balance.

The repeating mechanism appears to be virtually complete but I can see that one of the small steel cams that fires a hammer is missing and and at least one of the small wheels which regulates the speed of the repeat. There may be other parts missing so please check the photos.

DIAL : Fine large white enamel dial with polychrome floral decoration. Good condition with no repairs and just a small flake by the screw at 12, a couple of short hairlines above this, and a few light scratches.

SILVER INNER CASE : No silver marks. A nice heavy silver case with beading around the bezel and sound holes to the back. The case and bell are in very good condition. The bezel doesn’t always snap shut so the catch needs some adjustment.

SILVER OUTER CASE : A large silver case with a covered back (this appears to be underpainted horn, patterned to simulate tortoiseshell). The catch and hinge are fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly. Fine condition throughout, though with a few silver pins and pinheads missing from the back. The horn is in very good condition and a good colour.

Johan Riel is listed in Stadtamhof, Germany, from the early 18th century up until about 1800.