Stock No. : 1049

De Salle
Caen, France, c1680
Silver repousse case
Verge going barrel movement


A very unusual, single handed, going barrel watch, which has been well restored to a very high standard.

MOVEMENT : Gilded movement with 4 wonderful baluster pillars and very large, engraved and pierced balance bridge. The movement is signed (De Salle, a Caen).

Barrow type regulator, mainspring power indicator and direct drive from the mainspring (ie. going barrel type, no fusee). Blued steelwork and gilt brass throughout. The movement is in good overall condition and is running well.

DIAL : The large silver champleve dial is in good condition, with a replacement blued steel hand, made to the correct style.

CASE : Silver cast repousse case, with a couple of maker’s marks (a star and a fleur de lys) stamped on the inside. There is some even wear to the repousse work but no holes or repairs. The high dome crystal is fine.

There is a De Salle listed in Caen in the early 18th century, but this watch is a little earlier. Tompion produced three movements of this type (going barrel, no fusee) between 1675 and 1677. This movement seems to follow his ideas.