Stock No. : 1005

Ralph Gout
London, c1785
Gilt case, 55 mm.
Verge & pedometer movement


This is a very rare verge watch with pedometer mechanism, by Ralph Gout who specialised in these interesting instruments. The watch movement is complete and working but the pedometer wheels are absent. However the case and dial are in good condition so this is a wonderful restoration opportunity.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with finely engraved and pierced balance cock, with large jewelled endstone. Signed as follows : By the King’s letters PATENT, Ralph Gout, London, No. 51 A fine quality movement, with good engraving and in good condition, though the two small screws holding the endstone appear to be replacements. Running well. The pedometer mechanism and wheels are mostly absent, although the activation plunger (stem) and the lever that this pushes on, are still present.

DIAL : Wonderful signed white enamel in very good condition with no repairs. Some surface scratches but no hairlines.

CASE : Substantial gilt case in very good condition with very little wear to the gilding. High dome crystal with some surface scratches but no chips. The specially designed stem is complete with the spring loaded plunger which activates the pedometer.

Ralph Gout is listed in London from about 1770 until 1829. This is an early pedometer (No. 51) and dates from about 1785 (No. 70 is recorded in a silver case hallmarked for 1789.