Stock No. : 1001

Archibald Buchanan
Dublin, 1802
Gold pair cases
Verge movement


A fine quality, substantial, Irish verge, in Irish hallmarked gold cases, all in very good condition.

MOVEMENT : Fine quality gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock, blued screws and silver regulator disk. Signed and numbered (1019). All in very fine original condition, with just a couple of scratches on the name plate, and running well. The engraving on the cock and plate is particularly fine.

DIAL : White enamel in very good condition. There are three light blue scratches/stains, right on the edge at 2, 6 and 11, and a very faint, short hairline across the edge between 9 and 10. These are very minor faults, and hardly visible. No repairs. Wonderful matching gold hands, probably original.

INNER CASE : 22ct. gold, with Irish hallmarks for 1802, maker OAN (Arthur O’Neil). The Irish mark is a crowned harp, with date letter F. All in very good condition. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely. Good high dome crystal with just a couple of very light scratches.

OUTER CASE : A 22ct. gold pair case, with matching marks to the inner. The bezel is also marked with a crowned harp. The catch and catch button are fine and the case snaps shut nicely. There are a few scratches on the inside (including “Buchn”) but generally a fine case with very little wear.

This is a very substantial watch, over 56 mm in diameter and with the gold cases weighing over 78 grams (excluding movement and crystal).

Most gold and silver watches of this period, from Irish makers, are cased in English hallmarked case. It is very unusual to find a case with Irish harks. A silver pair cased watch, sold previously by ourselves, also had a case by Arthur O’Neil. This was marked for 1808, with serial number 1328. (see Archive page).

There are two very interesting watchpapers in the outer case. The first is from this maker “Buchanan, No. 31 College Green, Dublin”, which has two dates on the back (1812 and 1813) and the watch owner’s name “ Wm. Nunn”.

The other is a calendar paper, from another Dublin maker “Costigan, No.19 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin).

Archibald Buchanan is listed in Dublin between 1781 and 1822.

Robert Costigan (watchpaper) is listed in Dublin between 1827 and 1868.