Stock No. : 0994

Simon De Charmes
London, c1720
Silver & shell pair cases
Verge movement


A large silver and shell pair cased verge, with a wonderful silver champleve dial, with apertures for regulation and mock pendulum.

MOVEMENT : A very unusual verge movement, with balance under the dial to accommodate the mock pendulum. Applied silver tracery to the top pllate, incorporating the marker’s initial “D”. Complete and running well.

DIAL : Wonderful silver champleve dial, fully signed (S DE CHARMES. LONDON), with apertures for the regulation and mock pendulum. A few light scratches but generally in very good condition. Later mismatched fancy gilt hands.

INNER CASE : Silver, no hallmarks and maker’s mark HHH. In quite good condition with just a few light bruises on the back. The hinge is fine and the bezel closes (with just a slight gap). Good high dome bull’s eye crystal with scratches but no chips.

OUTER CASE : A large silver and shell pair case. The covering is green and black, with gold edging to the black. So this might be underpainted horn rather than shell.

The green covering is in good condition with no chips or pieces missing except for one tiny chip on the bezel, and just a couple of short cracks on the back. The pin work consists of brass pins with large round silver heads. The pins themselves are almost complete (just one missing) and there are eight silver pin heads missing.

The hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut nicely.