Stock No. : 0993

Jean Baptiste Baillon
Paris, c1780
Gold & enamel case
Verge movement


A beautiful French gold and enamel verge, with fine dial and beautiful enamel back.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, in good clean condition and working well. Signed “Jn. Bte. Baillon, A Paris” and numbered (7016).

DIAL : White enamel dial in near perfect condition with no repairs and just a few light scratches. Later matching hands. The underside of the dial and dial plate are both marked with the movement serial number (7016) so this dial is definitely original to the movement.

CASE : Engraved 22ct. gold with enamel back. The border around the back is decorated with green and blue enamelled floral swags. The central enamel features winged putti. The inside of the enamel shows a decorative scene with river and castle, and figures in the foreground.

The case is in very good condition throughout. The high dome crystal is fine. The hinges and catch are all good, and the case snaps shut nicely. The catch spring, pinned to the inside of the case is a replacement and slightly large, obscuring some the interior enamel scene.

Jean Baptiste Baillon is listed as working in Paris between 1772 and 1782. His father, of the same name, was clockmaker to Queen Marie Leczinska and allegedly later to Marie Antoinette.