Stock No. : 0986

Thomas Mudge
London, c1755
Gold repousse pair cases
Verge movement


A wonderful gold pair cased verge, by one of the finest English watchmakers. Fine repousse outer with later inner gold case.

MOVEMENT : Fine quality gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock, large diamond endstone, blued screws and large silver regulator disk. Four square pillars. Signed and numbered (323). All in very good original condition and running well.

DIAL : Signed white enamel in perfect condition. Fine original 18th century gold beetle and poker hands.

INNER CASE : 22ct. gold, hallmarked for London, 1822, maker JM. In very good condition though the pendant is slightly pressed into the case. Although a later case, the bow and stem may be original and the case is a perfect fit, so presumably made for this movement.

The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely. Good high dome crystal with no damage.

OUTER CASE : A 22ct. gold repousse pair case. A wonderful case with very little wear. Possibly original to the movement (of the right period) but not possible to prove. No repairs or other damage.

This serial number (323) dates this watch to 1755 or 1756. Thomas Mudge was still making verge movements at this time but soon switched to cylinders. This is a rare opportunity to own a beautiful watch by one of the finest English watchmakers and inventor of the lever movement.