Stock No. : 0980

Robert & Courvoisier
Geneva, c1790
Gilt & enamel case
Verge movement


A Swiss verge watch in a fine enamel decoration to the gilt case.

MOVEMENT : Verge movement, signed and numbered In good condition, complete and running.

DIAL : White enamel dial with gold numerals. Several repairs around the edge and centre hole. Although the dial feet are correctly positioned in the holes in the dial plate, the dial has been glued rather than pinned to the plate. Nice gold hands.

CASE : 53.75 mm. Large gilt case with polychrome enamel back. In reasonable condition, with very little wear to the gilding. The movement is a little loose in the case, when the bezel is open, though firm when the bezel is snapped shut. But I believe it is probably original to the movement (quire common with continental watches of this period).

The enamel back is a wonderful feature of this case. It is is very fine condition, with no signs of repair, but may have been revarnished at some point (though done very well).

Robert & Courvoisier are listed in Geneva between 1790 and 1800