Stock No. : 966

France, c1820
Silver case, 56.5 mm.
Verge, quarter repeating movement


This is a large, nice quality silver repeating French pocket watch, with a verge movement.

MOVEMENT : Unsigned gilded verge movement with engraved and pierced balance cock. Complete except for the following : The regulator slide (beneath the balance cock) is missing. The inner cover (cuvette) is missing. The 2 small steel catches are still present on the edge of the top plate. The balance swings ok but needs adjustment after the regulator slide has been replaced. The hour/quarter repeating function is working well.

DIAL : 50.75 mm. White enamel. Excellent condition with just a few light surface scratches Blued steel Breguet style hands.

CASE : 56.5 mm. Silver, with French hallmarks (3 chevrons) on the back cover. Engine turned band. The inside back is stamped with serial numbers (72423 & 16232) and a maker’s mark PI. A slide on the case band, near the stem, disables or enables the repeat.

The case is in good condition, with a few light scratches and wear to the engine turning.