Stock No. : 0964

London, c1700
Silver case
Verge movement


A very large early verge, in later silver case and later dial.

MOVEMENT : Beautiful quality, large verge movement, fully signed and numbered (227). Large balance cock, wonderfully engraved and pierced. All in good original condition and running well.
This is a big movement. The top plate is 41.75 mm and the balance cock table is 27.8mm

DIAL : 44.75 mm, later white enamel dial, in reasonable condition with a chip at the centre, and some damage around the edge, mainly at 11, 3 and 6.

CASE : 59 mm. Later silver, with no marks. The hinges, catches and crystal are fine and the case closes correctly.

The dial and case both appear to be mid 18th century so were probably fitted to the movement at the same time. The movement is a perfect fit for the case, so the case was probably made specially for the movement.

I can only find one reference to a watch by Vindemil, and that was mid 18thc.  But this is an early movement, about 1700, and certainly of London quality.