Stock No. : 0943

Jean & Mt. Vieusseux
Geneva, c1760
Gold & enamel pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Good gilt verge movement, with large pink endstone and blued screws. Nicely engraved and pierced balance cock. Fully signed and numbered (11685). All in good original condition. There is an old repair to the contrate wheel. Running well.

DIAL : 33 mm. White enamel dial, Signed. Very good condition with just a few short and light hairlines on the edge at 2 and 5, and a small repair around the catch at 6.

INNER CASE : Diameter 36.5 mm. Tests as high carat gold. Marked with the serial number (11685) and the casemaker S?G (rubbed). Very nice condition throughout with just a few light scratches around the sides. The case snaps shut nicely and the high dome crystal has no chips or other damage. Beautiful original bow and stem.

OUTER CASE : Diameter 41.5 mm. Wonderful gold and enamel case, in exceptional condition. No gold or other marks, but again tests as high carat gold.
The case is made of rose coloured gold, with green gold and silver decoration applied. The bezel and back are set with gems, with a larger bluish gem set into the catch button.
The case is perfect except for a few gems missing from the back. The enamel plaque is perfect. There is no restoration to the case.
The hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut nicely.

Jean and Mt. Vieusseax are listed in Genena in the mid 18th century.