Stock No. : 0892

Paris, c1820
Gold & enamel case
Cylinder movement


MOVEMENT : Gilt cylinder movement in complete, original condition. The movement is not running. The balance swings freely and the watch will tick for a few seconds before stopping. There is a visible repair to the arm of the balance regulator, though the balance itself looks fine. Otherwise everything looks fine.

DIAL : 32.75 mm. Silver engine turned dial this eccentric chapter ring. Some light scratches but in very good overall condition. Nice Breguet style gold hands.

CASE : 38 mm. 28.5 gms. including the movement. Gold with enamel to front, back, pendant and bow.

The inner gold cover is signed “Lepine, No. 2916, HGER. DU ROI, A PARIS”, ie. Lepine, Horologer to the King.

Both back covers are marked with the serial number 457 and the inner cover has French gold marks (1819 to 1838). The gold is in good condition with just some scratches around the winding aperture. All hinges and catches are fine. The enamel has survived well, with just a few small pieces missing around the stem and bow. The mineral crystal is fine.