Stock No. : 0875

Markwick, Markham & Borrell
London, c1800
Gilt & shell triple cases
Verge movement


An unusually small verge pocket watch by the London makers Markwick, Markham and Borrell, made around 1800 for the Middle Eastern and Turkish market. It has a “Turkish” dial, and original gilt and marine shell triple cases.

MOVEMENT : Signed (Markwick, Markham and Borrell, LONDON) and numbered (24976). Gilded verge movement with engraved and pierced balance cock with diamond endstone. The movement is complete and running, though intermittent (stops after a few minutes) and running fast (gaining about a minute in ten). So requires some work on the balance.

DIAL : 30 mm, signed white enamel in wonderful condition with just a few very light surface scratches (no hairlines or repairs).

INNER CASE : 38 mm. Gilt brass with maker’s mark IR and the movement serial number (24976). The case is in good condition with just a little wear to the gilding around the edges and the pendant. The very high dome crystal has a few scratches but no chips or cracks.

MIDDLE CASE : 41.5 mm. A beautiful and unusual little gilt case with scalloped rims and engraved on the bezel and on the back. Good condition with just a little wear to the gilding on the rims.

OUTER CASE : 47.75 mm. Gilt with marine shell covering. A wonderful colour and again in very good condition with just two small sections of shell missing from the bezel near the catch. Just five pins missing. The hinge, catch and catch button are fine and the case snaps shut correctly.

Markwick, Markham and Borrell are listed in London between 1793 and 1813.