Stock No. : 0851

R. Northan
Hull, 1794
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock and plate. Blued screws and regulator disk. Fully signed, numbered (8754). Good condition, with the gilding still bright, and running well.

DIAL : 41 mm. White enamel dial, with inner calendar chapter, in fine condition with just light surface scratches. The calendar function is working correctly.

INNER CASE : 46.3 mm, silver, hallmarked for London, 1794, maker’s mark TC. The hinge is fine and the case closes nicely. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is fine. The silver case is in good condition though with some slight compression around the sides.

OUTER CASE : 53.5 mm, silver, matching hallmarks to the inner. The hinge and catch are fine, though the catch button has worn down. The case snaps shut nicely. There are worn initials engraved on the back, a few scratches and one small bruise on the side new the hinge, but generally in good condition.

Richard Northern (or Northan) is listed in Lowgate, Hull, from around 1780 until 1840. He was also a maker of barometers.