Stock No. : 0839

London, 1814
Silver case
Cylinder movement


A very good quality cylinder, with a very rare signed black dial.

MOVEMENT : Fully signed and numbered (3007). Gilded cylinder jewelled movement with engraved balance cock with diamond endstone. The movement shows a couple of unusual are quite rare features – the 4 arm gilt balance is oversprung (the hairspring is mounted above the balance wheel) and the regulation is through a slot on the balance cock).
Removeable gilt brass dustcap, also signed and numbered as the movement. A very good quality movement, in good condition and running well. The stop/start lever on the side of the movement is missing the little brass lever to snag the movement, si is not working.

DIAL : 46 mm, black painted enamel. No repairs but three light hairlines (two from the centre towards 10 and one on the edge at 3), a few light scratches and chips around the edge at 12 and 3. A very rare dial.

CASE : 51.25 mm. Silver, with London hallmarks for 1814, maker WJ. This is a heavy case, in reasonable condition throughout though there are a couple of old repairs to the inner back and wear to engine turned outer back. The hinge to the back has lost the end of the hinge pin but both covers close ok.
The crystal is fine.