Stock No. : 0828

William Barton
London, 1768
Silver gilt/shagreen pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Attractive gilt verge movement, with particularly fine ‘lace edge’ balance cock and plates, which was typical of a short period around 1760. Fully signed and numbered (3126). Fine condition with nice bright gilding. Running well.

DIAL : White enamel dial, in good condition with just two very light hairline from the centre towards 10 and 7, and some surface scratches. No repairs.

INNER CASE : Silver, hallmarked for London, 1768. maker’s mark HB. The hinge is fine and the case closes nicely. Good high dome bull’s eye crystal with no damage. Excellent condition throughout.

OUTER CASE : Gilt with shagreen covering. The hinge, catch and pin work is all complete and the case closes nicely. There are two short sections of shagreen missing from the bezel (each about 1 cm) and more missing from the back, mainly near the neck.

Although probably not original to the inner case, which is silver, this outer case is of the correct period for the watch and is a perfect fit for the inner.

William Barton is listed in London from 1767 to 1811.