Stock No. : 0819

Joseph Herring
London, c1740
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Signed (Io. HERRING, London) and numbered (1196). Gilt brass verge movement, with four square pillars, engraved, pierced balance cock and plate, and silver regulator disc. In complete and good condition. Running well.

DIAL : 36.5 mm. Unsigned silver champleve dial, but engraved “London”. In good condition but a little over cleaned. Gilt brass hands, the minute with the tip missing. This dial is almost certainly a replacement, though a perfect fit.

INNER CASE : 41 mm. No hallmarks but maker’s mark WW. Nicely engraved with a initials on the back. In good condition though with just a couple of light bruises on the back and some small dents on the bezel. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is fine. The hinge is fine though the bezel doesn’t snap shut.

OUTER CASE : 48 mm. Again no hallmarks. In good condition throughout with just a few light dents on the back. The hinge, catch and catch button are all fine and the case closes nicely. The catch spring, and possibly the catch button have been replaced.

This watch is probably by Joseph Herring who is listed in London before 1742.