Stock No. : 0814

Steven Hoogendyk
Rotterdam, c1720
Silver repousse pair cases
Verge movement


An interesting early Dutch calendar verge with champleve dial, mock pendulum balance and silver repousse pair cases.

MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (no. 19). Gilded verge movement with pierced plats, engraved aperture balance cock, beautifully ornate pillars and silver endpiece to the case catch. Both this endpiece and the pillars feature dolphins. Running well, including the calendar function.

There are two old repairs to the balance cock, which have both been regilded (one at the centre and the other to the right of the aperture). There is also a little damage to two of the four pillars, each having a small section missing. The fusee occasionally slips a small amount on winding but the movement can be wound fully.

DIAL : 43 mm including dial plate, silver champleve. Signed and complete with calendar aperture. Very good condition though I think that the black champleve infill must be quite recent. The black steel hour hand appears to be an original 18th century hand but the minute hand is a later replacement.

INNER CASE : 51 mm. Silver with rubbed maker’s mark BN. The hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut nicely. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is fine. However there are a number of old repairs to the hinge, the area around the stem and reinforcing on the inside around the left and bottom of the sides. The bow is an obvious brass replacement.

OUTER CASE : 57 mm. Silver repousse. No maker’s mark. Although there is significant wear to the repousse surface, there are no holes or repairs to the silver. The hinge is a little worn though complete. The case snaps shut correctly.

Steven Hoogendijk (different spelling) is listed in Rotterdam from 1698 until 1788. This watch appears to be from about 1720.