Stock No. : 0790

R. Manners
London, c1760
Gilt case
Verge alarm movement


A fascinating alarm watch with many unusual features.

MOVEMENT : Fully signed (R. MANNERS, LONDON) and numbered (1737). Gilded verge movement with engraved bridge balance cock and very unusual engraved regulator disc. Blued steel stop work disc for the alarm spring. Baluster pillars. The verge staff is also very unusual, in the form of a steel rod with cutaways, rather than the normal pallets (see photo).
Good condition throughout and original except for the smaller wheel on the alarm winding arbor and the pointer on the regulator arbor. Both watch and alarm are running well. The alarm works by striking a bell which is fitted within the inner case.

DIAL : 41.5 mm, wonderful white enamel 2 piece dial. The central disc rotates to show the hour. The alarm is set by pointing the steel hand to the desired alarm time on the central disc. The outer enamel has 3 hairlines and some small chips around the inside. The inner enamel disc has 4 hairlines radiating from the centre. No repairs to either.
The hands appear to be original.

INNER CASE : 48 mm. Pierced gilt brass with fitted bell. In excellent condition. Just one very small dent on the back. The high dome crystal is fine. The hinge is also good and the case snaps shut nicely.

OUTER CASE : 57 mm. Pierced gilt brass. Again in excellent condition. The hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut nicely.

There is a Robert Manners listed in London for the early 19th century, but this watch is quite a lot earlier. The movement is marked ‘1737’ rather than ‘No. 1737’ but I suspect this is still a serial number rather than the date.