Stock No. : 0781

Conran & Roberts
Guernsey, 1794
Silver pair cases
Cylinder movement


A large, and good quality, cylinder “doctor’s” watch from the Channel Islands.

MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (4929). Gilded cylinder movement with nice blued screws and diamond endstone. Particularly finely engraved balance cock, with mask, crown, birds and fleur de lys. The movement is protected by a gilt brass removable dustcap. A lever at 4 o’clock stops and restarts the movement. Good original condition and running well.

DIAL : 47 mm, white enamel. Very good condition overall with a very light hairline (15mm) running from the centre towards 7, and a few tiny flakes around the upper centre hole and at the catch. No repairs. The seconds hand is a little short so has probably lost the tip.

INNER CASE : 52 mm. London hallmarks for 1794 and maker’s mark WB (rubbed). There are a couple of light bruises on the back and the pendant has been reattached, but overall very good condition. The hinge has some wear but works fine and the case snaps shut. The high dome crystal is fine.

OUTER CASE : 58.5 mm. Matching hallmarks to the inner. Excellent overall condition. The hinge, catch and button are fine and the case snaps shut.