Stock No. : 0764

Stockholm, c1780
Gilt & enamel pair cases
Verge movement


A huge Swedish verge watch in a wonderful gilt enamel pair case.

MOVEMENT : Fully signed. Gilded verge movement with engraved and pierced balance cock. Good original condition and running well.

DIAL : 53.5 mm, signed white enamel. Excellent condition except for a poor repair at the winding aperture. The surface has also been re lacquered.

INNER CASE : 63 mm. Case no. 84744. Gilt brass with enamelled back. The case is in good condition with no dents or other damage, except for wear to the gilding. The high dome crystal is fine. The hinge is good and the case snaps shut nicely.

The enamel depicts a shepherd and shepherdess. It has some damage at the top of the black/gilt border and again on the right hand side of the border. Fortunately the main picture itself is fine with just some surface scratching . There appears to be no repairs.

OUTER CASE : 69.25 mm. Gilt brass exhibition case, with glass to the back. Some wear to the gilding and scratches to the glass but the hinge and catch are fine and the case closes nicely.

Helmstine are listed in Stockholm during the second half of the 18th century.