Stock No. : 0756

Jeanrenaud & Robert Brandt
Geneva, c1800
Verge quarter repeating movement


This is a very large, impressive, good quality repeating French pocket watch, with a verge movement and signed enamel dial in an unusual rose gold case.

MOVEMENT : Nice quality, gilded verge movement. Engraved balance cock with ruby endstone. The hour/quarter repeating function is activated by pushing down the stem. The repeater strikes two gongs, with one chime for the hours and two for the quarters. The movement is in excellent original condition and both watch and repeating functions are working well. There is a slide on the band of the case which disables the repeat.

DIAL : The signed white enamel dial is about 51.75 mm in diameter. There are a couple of light hairlines running from the fixing screw to the edge at 8 & 9, and a couple of tiny chips at the winding hole. Very nice, and unusual, gold and blued steel hands. The mineral crystal is good though with one small scratch.

CASE : The rose gold case is 57 mm in diameter (excluding pendant etc.) and weighs 127 gms (including the movement). It is stamped with a maker’s mark FP, a mark for 18 carat gold (18K), the French gold mark (3 chevrons) and 2 serial numbers (2477 & 4803). The gilt cuvette is beautifully engraved with the watchmaker’s initials (BJR).
All hinges and catches are fine and both covers (and bezel) snap closed nicely.
The case is in good condition with no repairs but there is wear to the engine turning on the back and a short split where the band is joined to the back. Very unusual scalloped band.