Stock No. : 0751

Luke Wise
Reading, c1710
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Signed gilt brass verge movement, with four beautiful pillars, engraved balance cock and plate, and silver regulator disc. The engraving on the balance cock is particularly fine, with birds, beasts and two masks. The movement is complete, in good condition and is running well.

DIAL : 39.5 mm. Silver champleve dial, signed ‘WISE READING’. In wonderful condition. Nice early 18th century steel beetle and poker hands.

INNER CASE : 47 mm. Maker’s mark HD. Very good condition throughout, and snaps shut nicely. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is fine and the bow is a later replacement

OUTER CASE : 54 mm. Maker’s mark WP. Excellent condition with just a couple of very small dents and the catch button has worn down. Again snaps shut nicely. These cases are a perfect fit, and although they have different maker’s marks, it is quite possible that they have always been together. Silver cases of this early period very rarely have hallmarks.

Luke Wise (I) worked in reading from 1691 and died in 1735. His son, also Luke, worked in Reading after 1698 but died before his father, in 1704. This watch was probably made by the father, around 1710.