Stock No. : 0696

Cornelis Uyterweer
Rotterdam, c1705
Silver case
Verge movement


Early Dutch verge, with calendar champleve dial. Wonderful mock pendulum balance and very unusual pillars.

MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (51) gilt brass verge movement, with four very ornate pillars. Beautifully engraved balance cock and plate, with mock pendulum aperture. The cock is engraved with animals. In good, original condition, complete and running. The calendar mechanism is also complete and is working.

DIAL : 43 mm. including dial plate. Silver champleve dial, in fine condition, and original early 18th century gilt hands.

CASE : 48.5 mm. Maker’s mark DB (rubbed). Excellent condition throughout with just some light scratches around the winding hole and some light bruises. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is fine.

Cornelis Uyterweer (also spelt Uijterveer and Oijterweer) is listed in Rotterdam in 1705 and this watch is from that period.