Stock No. : 0694

Pierre Le Roy
Paris, c1780
Gold & enamel case
Verge movement


A beautiful little gold and enamel verge, with wonderful dial, by this famous maker

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement in excellent, clean condition and working well. Signed “ LeRoy, A Paris”.

DIAL : 31.5 mm. This wonderful little signed white enamel dial is in excellent condition with no repairs and just a couple of tiny flakes around the winding hole. The chapter ring is set with jewels, all present.

CASE : 36.35 mm. Multicoloured gold, gem set with enamel panel on the back. The high dome crystal is fine. The hinges and catch are all good. The gems are tiny, set in a white metal, and I cannot see any that are missing (bezel or back). The pink enamel panel is scratches and worn, with a small chip at the bottom.