Stock No. : 0649

Magson & Weller
London, c1710
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Fully signed and numbered (87). Gilt brass verge movement, with four square pillars, beautifully engraved balance cock and plate. In good, original condition. Complete and running well.

DIAL : Silver champleve dial, in good condition. Signed (Magson & Weller). Nice original early 18th century steel hands.

INNER CASE : Maker’s mark WB and also marked with the movement number (87). The hinge is fine and the case snaps shut nicely. Good condition throughout though a few very light dings on the back. The pendant has been reattached and the inside of the case reinforced. High dome bull’s eye crystal also fine.

OUTER CASE : Matching maker’s mark to the inner. The silver is in good condition with a few light dings and a short split near the catch. The hinge is fine though the catch and catch button are absent.

Magson & Weller are listed as London makers, pre 1716.