Stock No. : 0622

Charles Oudin
Paris, c1830
Gold case
Cylinder movement


A French 18ct gold cased pocket watch, in excellent condition, with a good quality cylinder movement, by this eminent Paris maker.

MOVEMENT : Very high quality, gilded cylinder movement in excellent, clean condition and working well.

DIAL : The silver engine turned dial is about 38mm in diameter. There are a few scratches around the chapter ring, but generally very good Nice Breguet type gold hands. The mineral crystal is fine.

CASE : The engine turned case, with foliate borders, is 44mm in diameter (excluding pendant etc.) and weighs 49 gms (including the movement). Both covers have French gold marks (18 carat mark used between 1819 and 1838) and the case serial number (24894). The outer cover has the maker’s mark AH.
The cuvette is inscribed – No. 8873 Chs. Oudin, EVE DE BREGUET, PALAIS ROYAL No. 59

All hinges and catches are fine and both covers (and bezel) snap closed nicely.
The case is in very fine condition throughout.

Charles Oudin worked in Paris from 1807 until about 1880. He was Clockmaker to the Emperor & Empress of Russia, and a pupil of Breguet.