Stock No. : 0607

George Errard
Neuchatel, Switzerland, c1770
Gold and enamel case
Verge quarter repeating movement


An excellent Swiss quarter epeating verge movement, in a superb rose and yellow gold case, with cobalt blue enamel back.

MOVEMENT : Nice early continental, quarter repeating, verge movement. Fully signed. All in fine original condition and running well, including the repeat function. The repeating hammers strike two small blocks attached to the inner rim of the case (ie. dumb repeating).

DIAL : 39 mm, white enamel with gold minute markers. There are 4 of these tiny gold minute markers missing and some chipping around the winding aperture but otherwise fine. No repairs.

CASE : 51.25 mm. 22ct rose and yellow gold. No hallmarks but tested as high carat gold. The stem is marked DLJ under a crown with the serial number 9208. The case is beautifully made with concealed hinges and the opening operated by twisting the stem (which is pushed in to operate the repeat function). The gold is in perfect condition. The blue enamel has a tiny chip on the top left hand edge (really small) and a small repair (very well done) on the bottom edge.

This is quite a substantial watch, weighing 95gms in total.

Although George Errard is not listed, Loomes does list Etienne Theodore Errard at Chaux de Fronds (Switzerland) in 1784. This is only about 20kms from Neuchatel.