Stock No. : 590

William Carpenter
London, c1780
Gilt pair cases, 81 mm.
Verge movement
Multifunctional dial


This is a rare and very large English gilt/brass pair cased pocket watch, with a multi functional dial, paste set bezel and a huge verge escapement fusee movement, made around 1780 by William Carpenter in London.

MOVEMENT : The large movement has square pillars and a pierced and engraved balance cock with a very big diamond endstone. The movement is signed “Wm. Carpenter   London” and numbered “4040”.  It is running well,  keeping good time. The movement is complete, including the motion wheels, except for the jump quarter seconds mechanism which is absent.  There is a stop lever on the side of the case but this is missing the lever that stops the movement.

DIAL : There are 4 subsidiaries around a central minute dial.  The hours at the top, the seconds to the right, moon age and phase to the left and jump quarter seconds at the bottom.  Unfortunately the dial is not in as good condition as the movement and case.  There are a number of hairlines and filled repairs at the centre and on the edge at 50.  The brass hands are not original. The dial plate is missing 2 feet (of 3) so is not held very firmly to the movement.

INNER CASE : The case is in good condition though the pendant has been reattached.  The hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut nicely.  Even wear to the gilding.  The crystal has no chips but is quite scratched.

OUTER CASE :  The catch and release button are fine and the case snaps shut nicely.  The gilding is evenly worn down to the brass.  The paste set bezel is complete with alternating red and clear stones except for two which are absent.

William Carpenter was active between 1770 and 1817 and concentrated on the Far Eastern market.