Stock No. : 0589

John Perigal
London, 1774
Gold repousse pair cases
Verge movement


Very early centre seconds verge movement, in solid gold repousse cases.

MOVEMENT : Fully signed (Jn. Perigal, London) and numbered (1289). Fine quality gilt brass verge movement, with large diamond endstone and signed/numbered removable dustcap. In good original condition and running well. The centre seconds fully working but the stop/start lever on the side of the case is not stopping the movement (missing the pin which should engage the contrate wheel.

DIAL : 35.75 mm. White enamel. One small flake at the centre but otherwise in perfect condition. No repairs. Later hands.

INNER CASE : 41 mm. 22ct gold, hallmarked for London 1774, maker RP (rubbed but identifiable). The hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut. The stem has been reattached (possibly a replacement), causing a small hole in the case below the stem (see photo). A couple of light bruises on the back. High dome bull’s eye crystal in fine condition.

OUTER CASE : 47.25 mm. 22ct gold. In good condition although there are five pin holes where there is wear to the high points. The hinge, catch and button are fine.