Stock No. : 0577

Daniel Quare
London, c1690
Gilt case
Verge movement


Very early single handed verge, with fine gold champleve dial.

MOVEMENT : Fully signed (Quare, London). Very large balance cock, beautifully pierced and engraved. It has been repaired at the neck, and I believe has been regilded, leaving it a reddish gold colour, different to the rest of the movement. The single hand is driven by the fusee arbor, via an under dial wheel to the hour wheel. The movement is running. Other than the repair to the balance cock, the movement appears to be original with no repairs.

DIAL : 44.75 mm. Signed gilt champleve dial, in fine condition, with a single blued steel hand.

CASE : 51.5 mm. Gilt on brass. The gilding is still intact on the inside but worn on the outer surfaces. The hinges and high dome crystal are fine. The bezel snaps shut nicely. Both bow and stem are later replacements.