Stock No. : 0506

William Biefield
London, c1750
Gilt pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Gilded verge fusee movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock. Signed and numbered (5676). The movement is running well and appears to be all original. The only damage is a small crack to the lower right hand edge of the balance cock table, though this does not effect the running.

DIAL : White enamel, 36 mm in diameter. It is in very good condition with just some light surface scratches and a very light hairline running towards the centre from 5 o’clock. No repairs.

INNER CASE : Gilt/brass, 42 mm in diameter. Some wear to the gilding though in good overall condition. The pendant has been reattached. The hinge is fine and the case closes. Good high dome bull’s eye crystal with a few light scratches but no chips.

OUTER CASE : Gilt/brass, 49.5 mm in diameter. The hinge and catch are fine and the case closes nicely. The catch button is fine. The gilding has worn from the outer surfaces and a crack in the bezel has been soldered from the inside (just below the pendant).